Land Rover Warranty

Land Rover offer two levels of extended warranty cover. Either can be issued by a dealer on certain conditions relating to age, mileage and service history of the vehicle. Cover for both can only be extended as long as the vehicle still meets the criteria.

Some manufacturer extended warranties are backed by the car company, but the Land Rover warranty is backed by an insurance warranty, Motors Insurance Company Limited.

Key points to consider when comparing quotes:

  • As the Land Rover warranties are insurance warranties, ask how claims are handled and how long it takes to get a claim paid. Insurance companies can take longer to payout than manufacturer-backed warranties.
  • Land Rover exclude ‘wear and tear'
    • Opinions on what constitutes ‘wear and tear' vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and insurer to insurer, so what will Land Rover pay out on?
  • Both warranty summaries state that ‘only one MOT Test Warranty claim is permissible during the duration of the Warranty period.' If you intend to purchase a warranty that is longer than one year, then check to see if defects exposed at the second MOT in the warranty period are covered.
  • What period do you need cover for?
    • This will affect the price of independent warranties who offer discounts for 2 and 3 year cover.

More Land Rover warranty details are listed below so you can compare them to the cover from independent warranty companies, before making a choice. You may find it easy to do this using our Land Rover Car Warranty Comparison Chart.

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Terms & Conditions Summary

Read the key terms and conditions including covered parts and non-covererd parts: Land Rover Terms & Conditions.

Land Rover Dealer Prices

If you want to compare buying a warranty from an independent company to buying an extended warranty from Land Rover, or their dealers, the following example prices from  Land Rover may help.

Remember to compare cover level with the alternative warranties using our summary table. The cheapest warranty may not be the best buy.

Land RoverFreelander4 yearsCharge £150 for inspection£735.00
Land RoverDiscovery3 yearsCharge £150 for inspection£985.00
Land RoverRange Rover Sport3 yearsCharge £150 for inspection£1,065.00

Prices correct at July 2012.

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Important Notice 

The above information has been gained from the manufacturer's sales literature both offline and from their website, and is correct as of March 2012.  Please contact us with any omissions or amendments.