Land Rover Approved Used Car Warranty

This is an extended warranty for vehicles that are under five years old and have covered less than 75,000 miles at the time of purchase, and is only available through an authorised Land Rover dealer. You do not have to buy the car from them to get cover but, if the vehicle is out of warranty, they will ask for an inspection, and any relevant defects found before a warranty is issued. This warranty provides a minimum of 12 months unlimited mileage cover. The warranty can be extended to 24 months at the time of purchase. Further extension is available if the car still qualifies in relation to age, condition, mileage and service history. The Maximum claim limit is the price of the vehicle.

Covered:The Approved Warranty covers defects to all factory fitted components of the vehicle.

Not covered: All service/maintenance operations and adjustments, Glass, Paintwork and Bodywork, Wheels, Wheel balancing/alignment and adjustment unless part of a valid claim, Recharging of air conditioning unit unless part of a valid claim, Telephone/TV/DVD/VIDEO, Tyres, Batteries, Exhaust system, Water ingress, Strikers and hinges, Consumables, unless part of a valid claim

Land Rover Extended Car Warranty

The Land Rover Select Warranty is exclusively for vehicles that fall outside the Approved Warranty vehicle age and mileage limitations. Vehicles with up to 100,000 miles showing at the time of purchase and less than 10 years old qualify.

The mileage limit on this warranty is 25,000 miles from date of purchase. Claims on some components (such as gearbox, engine, air conditioning and fuel system) are limited to £3000. There are no limits to the amount of claims you can make, up to the value of the vehicle. This warranty starts with 6 months cover but it can be extended to 12 or 24 months if the vehicle still qualifies.


  • Engine: Failure of the following internal mechanical parts: Starter ring gear, flywheel, oil pump, crankshaft and bearings, timing gears, chains and belts, camshafts, cam followers, tappet gear, valves and guides, pistons and rings, cylinder bores, con rods, cylinder head, cylinder head gaskets and all internal bushings (excluding lacquered valves).
  • Manual Gearbox: Failure of the following internal mechanical parts: Selectors and shafts, gears, bearings and bushes, synchromesh hubs and shafts, gearbox ECU.
  • Automatic Gearbox: Failure of the following internal mechanical parts: Torque converter, gears, clutches, brake bands, valve block, governor, oil pump, bearings and bushes, gearbox ECU.
  • Differential: Failure of the following internal mechanical parts: Crown wheel and pinion, gears, shafts, bearings and bushes, front and rear differentials.
  • Drive Line: Failure of the following mechanical parts: Propshaft including universal joints and bearings, half shafts, external drive shafts, universal joints and C/V joints. 
  • Suspension: Failure of the following parts: Airbags, shock absorbers, ball joints, springs, compressor, valve block, height sensors and anti-roll bar.
  • Steering: Failure of the following parts: Steering box, steering rack, pressure pipes, PAS pump and fluid reservoir. 
  • Cooling System: Failure of the following parts: Water pump, thermostat and radiator. All other parts and damage caused by frost or as a result of lack of anti-freeze are excluded. 
  • Air Conditioning: Failure of the following parts: Compressor, condenser, receiver dryer and evaporator. Re-gassing is excluded except as part of a valid claim. Braking System: Failure of the following parts: Servo, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, callipers, brake limiter valve and ABS components but excluding hoses, pipes and wiring.
  • Turbo Unit: Failure of the Turbo unit only. 
  • Fuel System: Failure of the following parts: Fuel injection systems (excluding Injectors), fuel lift pump, cold start device, tank sender unit, fuel gauge and fuel ECU. But excluding pipes and damage caused by contamination and/or inappropriate fuel. 
  • Clutch: Failure of the clutch plate, clutch cover and thrust bearing including failure due to oil contamination, but excluding external linkages, cables, burnt out parts and general wear and tear. Limited to one clutch repair during the period of warranty cover. 
  • Electrics: Failure of the following parts: Starter, alternator, regulator, coil, distributor, windscreen wiper and windscreen washer pump motors, flasher relay, heater fan motor, horn, electronic ignition system, hazard flasher relay, heated rear screen element, electrical switches, BECM, window motors, window regulators, central door locking motors and handbrake control module. Excludes all wiring. 
  • Transfer Box: Failure of the following internal mechanical parts: Third differential, gears, shafts and bearings, bushes and viscous coupling. 
  • Casings: Engine, gearbox/transmission, final drive casings are covered, provided they have been damaged as a direct consequence of the failure of one of the above parts. Damage as a result of accident, by frost or due to lack of anti-freeze or oil is excluded. 
  • Oil Seals/Gaskets: Failure of any oil-seal or gasket which the manufacturer states requires the removal of a major component, i.e. engine, gearbox, or rear axle, to effect the repair.
  • Consumables: Oil, oil filter, gaskets, hoses and anti-freeze needed because a covered part listed, in the 'What your Select Cover Includes' section of this policy has failed.

Not Covered:

Anything not mentioned above, as well as - External oil leaks, lubricants, filter elements and any damage caused by frost due to lack of anti-freeze or oil, impact, accident or negligence. Components failing due to normal wear and tear. Any damage or losses to components not directly covered under the terms and conditions of this warranty. Damage which has occurred as a result of any accessory being fitted (unless the accessory is approved by the manufacturer for use on the vehicle and fitted according to instructions provided by the manufacturer of the accessory). All wiring. Water ingress.

Additional Benefits

Car Hire

If you have a valid claim, you may claim reimbursement for car hire, but not including fuel and insurance. You are responsible for the first 24 hours that you cannot use your own vehicle. After this period, you can claim for a replacement vehicle for up to seven days. You or your Land Rover dealer must obtain telephone approval from the Warranty Administrator before you use this service. Any replacement vehicle must be from a bona fide hire company or Land Rover dealer.

Overseas Cover

This Warranty will cover your vehicle while it is outside the United Kingdom in Europe for up to 60 days during the period of warranty. If your vehicle has a breakdown in any country, which is a member of the European Union or EFTA (European Free Trade Association), you will be entitled to authorise a repair by any Land Rover dealer. You will be required to pay the full cost of repair on completion and should submit a claim for reimbursement upon your return to the UK.

Warranty Extensions

Extensions to the Warranty are available subject to your vehicle meeting the Approved age and mileage criteria. Please ask your Land Rover dealer before this Warranty is due to end and they will handle your request.

Warranty Transfer

If you sell your vehicle privately you can transfer the benefits of this Warranty to the subsequent owner or user of the vehicle.

MOT Test Warranty

Vehicles over 2 years old are provided with a 1 Year MOT Test Warranty. When your vehicle is required to take its next MOT Test, any repairs that may result are covered up to the value of £750 (£50 excess payable).

MOT Test Warranty covers the cost of repair, replacement and/or adjustment to the vehicle of specified parts which are covered as a direct consequence of such parts being cited in a 'notification of refusal to issue an MOT certificate' (form VT30) prepared during the period of cover, as causing the vehicle to fail its MOT test. Accidental damage is not covered under this MOT Test Warranty.

The Land Rover MOT Test Warranty only applies provided that the MOT Test falls due and is completed during the period of cover provided by the Warranty package. Only one MOT Test Warranty claim is permissible during the duration of the Warranty period.

The MOT Test Warranty does not cover accidental or malicious damage or neglect. This MOT Test Warranty does not cover the MOT test and re-test fee.

For terms and conditions please refer to your dealer or read the Land Rover Approved Used Vehicles Warranty handbook.