Car Warranty Comparison Site

If you are considering buying an extended warranty for your car, then you need to be aware of what it will cover.

Manufacturer policies do not always give you as much coverage as an independent used car warranty provider.

Can You Cover Your Car?


Most manufacturer policies do not include protection against breaking down due to wear and tear on key parts (they only cover breakdown due to manufacturing fault of a part).

Independent used car warranty providers do cover wear and tear - although you must check the policy details - and they also offer more generous benefits such as money for car hire and emergency travel when you break down. They also tend to be cheaper.

Do You Need Protection?

Reliability is very good on most cars for the first few years. But when a car is over 3 years old the chances of breaking down increase and repair bills are much higher than they used to be.

Main dealer labour rates are now around £80-£150 per hour and so many components are now extremely expensive. For example:

  1. The BMW 3-Series i-Drive computer can develop a fault that costs £2,000 to repair
  2. A diesel Ford Mondeo's injector pipes can leak - the fault costs £1,000
  3. The electric window motors on Volkswagen Golfs wear out and cost £250 to replace
*All common faults detailed in research on

So, let us help you compare the level of coverage from different providers before buying and make sure that you get the absolute best level of coverage.

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