Mazda Warranty Cover Summary


Everything except items listed below:

Filters, Spark plugs, brake pads/linings, clutch linings, oils, fluids, coolant, wiper blades, drive belts (except camshaft drive belt if service schedule correctly maintained), bulbs, fuses, high tension leads, wheels and tyres, batteries.

The catalytic converter is only covered for internal failure or failure to meet emission requirements.

Exhaust system corrosion.

Bodywork of any kind, sheet metal, body panels, bodywork or glass sealants or bondings, paintwork, glass and mirrors (except in the case where they suffer an electrical or mechanical failure), upholstery, carpets, (except in the case of broken seal, stitching or seam) non-mechanical or electrical trim and cosmetic items.

Casings are covered when damaged by a covered component which has suffered an electrical or mechanical failure and which forms part of a valid claim under this insurance.

Wear and tear, normal deterioration, routine servicing, maintenance, re-progamming or loading of software.

Important Notice about this Mazda Extended Warranty Review

The above information has been gained from the manufacturer's sales literature and press office, and is correct as of May 2012.  Please contact us with any omissions or amendments.