Toyota Warranty

Following the massive global recall scandal that Toyota suffered in 2009 and 2010, Toyota increased their warranty coverage from 3 years to 5 years or 100,000 miles on all new cars.

As with many manufacturers, there is no limit on the car’s mileage for the first year.  

Also like many other manufacturer warranties, there are significant limitations; the warranty covers any mechanical fault caused by a manufacturing defect, but it does not cover items breaking down due to ‘wear and tear.’

Toyota also exclude damage or failures resulting directly or indirectly from external elements. 

So Toyota owners can still expect to get bills from their MOTs and services as cars get older. For that reason, many Toyota owners buy aftermarket warranties, to protect themselves from bills. Compare the available cover using our comparison table.

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For further Toyota car warranty details, and a warranty comparison to alternative warranty providers, please refer to our Toyota Car Warranty Comparison Chart.

Anti-corrosion Element

Toyota’s bodywork corrosion warranty is longer than many. Currently set at 12 years unlimited mileage. It protects you against from repairing rust perforation that affects sheet metal body panels as a result of a manufacturing fault. 3 year unlimited mileage cover protects against defects and surface rust as a result of a manufacturing defect. But Toyota exclude ‘Incidental damage’ in their wider warranty terms, so there may be scope for them to legitimately not pay on many rust claims.

Hybrid Element

Toyota’s Hybrid components, on cars made between 2003 and 2009 are covered for 8 years or 100,000 miles. Hybrid components that are built in, or after the start of the 2009 model year are only covered for 5 years or 100,000 miles.  

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New Toyota Warranty Periods

The table below shows the new Toyota models and the limitations on their warranty periods in terms of the number of years and the limits on the mileage.  Outside of these periods, an extended Toyota warranty would be required from either Toyota or from an alternative warranty provider.


Toyota ModelYearsMileage
Toyota Aygo 5100,000
Toyota IQ 5100,000
Toyota Yaris 5100,000
Toyota Auris 5100,000
Toyota Prius 5100,000
Toyota Avensis 5100,000
Toyota Landcruiser 5100,000
Toyota RAV-4 5100,000
Toyota Urban Cruiser 5100,000
Toyota Verso 3100,000


Important Notice

The information above has been gained from the manufacturer's sales literature both offline and from their website, and is correct as of August 2012.  Please contact us with any omissions or amendments