Nissan Warranty Terms & Conditions

Ultimate Cover 

For cars with up to 75,000 miles on the clock and less than 7 years old.

What is Covered?

Everything is covered except:

All service/maintenance operations, Ancillary drive belts, pipes and hoses of any type, Air conditioning re-charge unless required as part of a component failure covered by the warranty, Batteries, Brake friction materials, Brake noise caused by an accumulation of dust, Clutch friction materials, Electrical software update or reprogramming unless required due to the failure of a covered part, Exhaust system (catalytic converters are covered for internal failure only and not accidental damage, corrosion or damage resulting from the use of incorrect fuel), Fuses, lamps and LED lighting, bulbs and bulb holders, including printed circuit boards which are part of lamp, Non factory-fitted components, Telephones of all types, Tyres and valves, Wheels, Wheel balancing, Wheel alignment or any wheel adjustments, Windscreen washer jets, Wiper blades. Trim and bodywork: Adjustments of doors, bonnet, boot lid, tailgate or any component which may require adjustment from time to time, Aerials, Glass (heater elements are covered), Interior trim, Lock cylinders and keys, Paintwork, Seat covers and cushions, Water ingress including damage to covered components caused by water, Weather-strips and body seals. Wear and Tear.

Nissan Premium Warranty

This warranty is not available for cars over 100,000 miles or 10 years old

What is Covered?

Air conditioning: All components excluding: Belts, hoses, pipes, contamination, sedimentation, recharging of air conditioning unit (except where a covered unit has failed). Braking system: All components excluding: Hoses, pipes, discs, drums and frictional material. Casings: Any casings which are damaged as a direct result of the failure of a component covered by this warranty. You are not covered for damage caused by accident, frost or lack of anti-freeze. Clutch: All components excluding: External linkages, wear to frictional material. Burnt out parts or general wear and tear is not covered. Consumables: Anti-freeze, brake fluid, gaskets, hoses, pipes, oil, oil filter, and timing belt required due to the failure of a covered component. Cover excludes: Replacement due to deterioration through normal wear and tear, evaporation or consumption. Cooling system: All components excluding: Belts, hoses, pipes, clogging, sedimentation. Differential and driveline: All components excluding: Gaiters, rubber couplings. Electrics: All components excluding: accessories, audio and in car entertainment systems, battery, bulbs, bulb holders, cigar lighter, communications equipment, printed circuit boards, software updates/upgrades, fuses, heated window elements, heater box and controls, lamps and LED lighting, satellite navigation equipment, wiring, wiper blades, arms and linkages. All components including the exhaust manifold, but excluding cables, belts (timing belts are covered), exhaust system and catalytic converter, hoses, mountings, pipes, pulleys, spark plugs, de-carbonisation, oil leaks, burnt out, sticking or pitted valves, or any damage resulting from the failure of a timing belt which has not been replaced as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Fuel system: All components excluding: Filters, fuel, hoses, pipes use of incorrect fuel or contaminated fuel. Gearbox (manual and automatic): All components excluding: Belts, cables, external linkages, gear lever, mountings, oil leaks. Oil seals and gaskets: Oil seals and gaskets, which require the removal of a major component - engine, gearbox and/or differential. Steering: All components excluding: Bushes, fittings, gaiters, joints, pipes, steering wheel. Turbocharger: Turbocharger unit, pressure regulator, air pressure valve. Wheel bearings: Wheel bearings only. Hubs are not covered.

Anything not specified is not covered.