Seat Warranty

Aside from the standard used approved warranty, there are three levels of extended warranty available to Seat owners.

Policies are available on a yearly or monthly basis and are described below.

The Seat warranty is an insurance policy, which is administered by Mondial Insurance and underwritten by AGA international. This falls under the jurisdiction of the Financial Services Agency (FSA) and, should any problems occur, disputes can be resolved by them.

It is important to note that the three cover levels are laid out differently. With the highest level (Gold), only the items not covered are defined. With the other levels (Silver and Bronze), only what is covered is stated. The SEAT Gold and Silver extended warranties are only available for cars that have covered less than 100,000 miles and only as an extension of an existing SEAT Manufacturers or Extended warranty.

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We advise noting the following issues when considering a Seat extended warranty:

  1. 1. How do SEAT define ‘wear and tear?'
    1. Opinions on what constitutes ‘wear and tear' vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and insurer to insurer.
  2. SEAT specify that body seals are not covered by the warranty. Check to see if damaged caused by water ingress as a result of a covered part is considered.
  3. Cambelts and cambelt failure are not covered. Any deviation from the schedule voids cover.
  4. Wheels are not covered - check to see if premature corrosion of wheels would be considered.
  5. Light bulbs not covered - check to see if expensive Zenon bulbs would be considered.
  6. An excess can be purchased which reduces the cost of cover.

We also advise making sure you know the period you need the car to be covered for. This will affect the price of independent warranties that you may want to compare with the Seat warranty.

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Terms & Conditions Summary

Read the key terms and conditions including covered parts and non-covererd parts: Seat Terms & Conditions.

Seat Dealer Prices

If you want to compare buying a warranty from an independent company to buying an extended warranty from Seat, or their dealers, the following example prices from Seat warranty may help.

Remember to compare cover level with the alternative warranties using our warranty comparison table. The cheapest warranty may not be the best buy.

SeatIbiza3 yearsUp to 60,000, no excess£295.00
SeatIbiza3 yearsBronze Up to 60,000, £250excess£176.00
SeatExeo3 yearsUp to 60,000, no excess£481.00
SeatExeo3 yearsBronze Up to 60,000, £250excess£236.00

Prices correct at July 2012.

Important Notice

The above information has been gained from the manufacturer's sales literature and press office, and is correct as of May 2012.  Please contact us with any omissions or amendments.