Lexus Warranty

Lexus offer one level of extended warranty cover but have slightly different criteria for vehicle age on them.

The 12 month policy is for vehicles less than 7 years old and the 24 month policy is for those less than 6 years old.

All vehicles must have done less than 140,000 miles to qualify. For cars that are going to exceed 60,000 miles in the first 3 years (i.e. the new vehicle warranty period) purchasing a Lexus extended warranty before exceeding the mileage limit can cover the rest of the 3 years plus the additional 12 or 24 months.

The hybrid drivetrain on certain new Lexus vehicles are covered for 5 years/60,000 miles.

The Lexus extended warranty package includes car hire (up to £75 inc VAT per day for up to 5 days) and hotel expenses (up to £150 inc VAT) if needed, MOT cover and Lexus Roadside Assistance.

There are more Lexus car warranty details below, so you can read through the differences in cover compared to independent warranty companies, before making a choice. You may find it easier to compare the different offers using our Lexus Car Warranty Comparison Chart.

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Lexus Extended Warranty Questions:

As with all warranty products there are a number of questions we would advise asking.

Key points to consider when comparing quotes:

  • The Lexus warranty literature suggests that this is a manufacturer-backed, not an insurance warranty.
    • In which case, the Financial Ombudsman cannot help resolve any dispute. What is the Lexus complaints procedure?
  • How does Lexus deal with consequential loss, in particular on hybrid vehicles?
    • So what happens if a non-warrantied part should damage a part of the hybrid system, which has a longer warranty?
    • And vice versa - if a covered part damages a non-covered part. What would Lexus pay out on in these situations?
  • Does the Lexus extended warranty also cover the hybrid system longer than the initial 5 years?
  • What period do you need cover for?
  • This will affect the price of independent warranties who offer discounts for 2 and 3 year cover.
  • How does Lexus define ‘wear and tear' and will it pay out on covered parts no matter why they have failed?
    • Their literature says: "Whatever model you drive, the extended warranty covers the cost of most parts and labour - just like the original warranty on a brand new car."
    • So the warranty will certainly pay out for manufacturing defect, or premature failure, but will it pay out on ‘worn parts' or parts damaged by another part failing (consequential damage)?

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Terms & Conditions Summary

Read the key terms and conditions including covered parts and non-covererd parts: Lexus Terms & Conditions.

Lexus Dealer Prices

If you want to compare buying a warranty from an independent company to buying an extended warranty from Lexus, or their dealers, the following example prices from Lexus may help.

Remember to compare cover level with the alternative warranties using our summary table. The cheapest warranty may not be the best buy.

LexusIS4 YearsUnlimited Mileage£760.00
LexusCT (hybrid)4 YearsUnlimited Mileage£640.00
LexusRX4 YearsUnlimited Mileage£995.00

Prices Correct at July 2012.

Important Notice

The above information has been gained from the manufacturer's press office, sales literature both offline and online, and is correct as of March 2012.  Please contact us with any omissions or amendments.