Fiat Warranty

Fiat offers two levels of extended warranty to owners: Premier and Standard.

Both are available for vehicles between zero and four years old which have covered less than 60,000 miles. The policy lasts for up to 24 months, or up to 100,000 miles, whichever is sooner.

You can claim up to the amount you paid for the car and there are no restrictions on the number of claims you can make.

There are certain issues, which we could not clarify even after contacting Fiat. Therefore, we would advise asking the following questions when considering either Fiat extended warranty:

  1. Is this an insurance policy?
    • If so, then by whom is it underwritten? 
  2. How does Fiat define ‘wear and tear?' 
    • Opinions on what constitutes ‘wear and tear' vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and insurer to insurer.
  3. Four Wheel drive is not mentioned in the standard information about Fiat's ‘Premier Warranty.' If your car has this feature it would be wise to ask specifically about it.

We also advise making sure you know the period you need the car to be covered for before comparing to quotes from independent car warranty providers. This will affect the price of independent warranties.

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There have been some limited five year warranties sold on new Fiat 500, Panda and Bravo cars. These are usually only available when buying a new car with Fiat Finance.

Most UK cars have a standard 3 year warranty, which consists of a two year manufacturer warranty, with the third year provided by the dealer.

On most cars over three years old, if you want protection from repair costs, you will benefit from comparing the Fiat extended warranty described above to independent warranties on our Fiat Warranty Comparison Table.


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Terms & Conditions Summary

Read the key terms and conditions including covered parts and non-covererd parts: Fiat Warranty Terms & Conditions.

Important Notice

The above information has been gained from the manufacturer's sales literatureand press office, and is correct as of March 2012.  Please contact us with any omissions or amendments.