Renault Warranty Terms & Conditions Summary


Everything except items listed below:

Not covered:

All service/maintenance operations, Ancillary drive belts, Brake and clutch friction material, Brake noise caused by an accumulation of dust, Bulbs, Diagnostic Time, Fuses and lamps, Exhaust system (catalytic convertors are covered), Batteries, Non factory-fitted components, Tyres, Wiper blades, Windscreen washer jets, Wheels, Wheel balancing, Wheel alignment or any wheel adjustments
Trim and bodywork including, Interior trim, Glass (heater elements are covered), Seat covers and cushions, Water ingress, Weather-strips and body seals, Aerials, Paintwork, Adjustments of doors, bonnet, boot lid or tailgate

The gradual reduction in operating performance (wear and tear) due to the age and mileage of the covered vehicle.